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2.Disclaimer Statement. The information published on this website may not contain Lianfa’s latest information relating to its business, so information published on this website is only for reference which cannot warrant the accuracy or completeness. Jiangsu Lianfa Group does not provide any express or implied warranty or guarantee, including but not limited to, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement and other warranty or guarantee.
3.Forward-looking Statement. The information published on the website may contain certain forward-looking statement. These statements are inherently risky and uncertain, and aim of the forward-looking statement should be to specify the case of forward-looking statement, Jiangsu Lianfa does not intend to update these projections statement. These statements reflect Lianfa’s current view of future events rather than guarantee the business performance on the future.
4.Applicable Law. Establishment, implementation, interpretation and dispute settlement of the Agreement should apply to China’s law.
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