Introduciton of Lianfa Business College

Lianfa Business College was founded in July, 2007. The initial 1 million RMB investment provided the college with independent office space and teaching facilities. The aim of establishing the Lianfa Business College was to build up, determine and pass on the culture and knowledge of the company, to contribute to the development and competitiveness of Lianfa, and drive the aircraft of Lianfa as the sustainable power source.

Lianfa Business College is divided by 3 centers of Employee Recruitment and Distribution, Employee Evaluation and Employee Training&Development. The Employee Recruitment and Distribution center handles the recruitment of college students and administrative staff. The center has established relationship with many colleges and universities to ensure an uninterrupted talent resource; it also refined the eligibility criteria for each job to ensure the match of the capability and the position. Through the establishment of job competence model, and the optimization of the evaluation system, the Employee Evaluation center effectively evaluates the core positions and makes the staff development record, thus provides the reference data for talent training and appointment. The Employee Training & Development center in the meantime conducts diversified theoretical training and performance development program for various administrative and functional level, to meet the requirement of the corporate development.

After continuous self-improvement, Lianfa Business College has set up the Lianfa-characteristic training system of 3 modules, nine bodies and four platforms; the training covers all new recruitments, in-service and back-up staff.

One of the outstanding feature of Lianfa Business College is the focus on the combination of theory and practice. The vertically integrated knowledge system and multi layered learning pathes laid the foundation of theoretical basis while the abundant case analysis and diversified training methods ensured the practicability of the training. Lianfa Business College has 6 full time lecturers, 58 part time lecturers among which most of them are middle and high level management level who have accumulated rich administrative experience through long time working. The center independently created over 120 courses, mostly are the summarise and refining of managerial experience and lessons in the company, and are especially practical.

Lianfa Business College shall carry on the talent development idea of “Respect for knowledge, Focus on performance, Fair competition, and Common development”. It will devote to make lianfa a learning organization, and lay the firm foundation of the comprehensive establishment of “100- year Lianfa”.

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