Talent Culture of Lianfa

Jinnainhui Official has and will always take talent as the dominant resource of enterprise development. “Respect for learning, focus on performance, fair competition and common growth” is the development idea of company talent culture.

Respect for Learning
Knowledge is treasure and creator of value. Talent of knowledge is the carrier of wealth. Capturing of knowledgeable person is the internal motivation of development. To respect learning is to take human resource as the priority resource of enterprise development. To cultivate knowledge-based employees, Lianfa has set up the corporate college: the business college. The business college is devoted to build the cultural atmosphere of knowledge advocating and science embracement, the focus of special cultural requirement of knowledge talented person, the emphasize of the position and role of talent base, to enhance the leadership of talent base in development of overall enterprise quality. For these purpose, we focus on the growth of knowledge talented persons by sufficiently highlighting the idea of knowledge creates value in important events, like performance evaluation, value distribution and carrier planning, etc.

Focus on Performance
The talent contributes to the performance, and the latter decides the rise and decline of the enterprise. For individuals, the performance is the value of the contribution in the development of enterprises. Lianfa adheres to the idea of "contribution to determine the return, the performance decides the value", and established the performance evaluation based employment mechanism of "using the capable, reassigning the ordinary and removing the incapable".

Fair Competition.
Identification comes after comparison and vitality lies in competition. The culture of fair competition for enterprise and individual is more like motivation than pressure. The base of the fair competition culture is the establishment of enterprise rules, and without comprehensive rule, the fairness will be out of the question as for lack of the platform of justice. Therefore, we apply systematic rules of competition in recruiting, educating, employing and retaining people.

Common Growth
Lianfa believes that individuals and enterprises are in fish and water relationships. Individual and enterprise development are interdependence, where there is no personal growth, there is no business development. It is only after the development of enterprises, there can be more opportunities for personal growth. Lianfa promotes the idea of common growth with employees and enterprises growing together and sharing the same value to strive and achieve the alliance of personal goals and enterprise target, and to promote the positive interaction of individual and enterprise development.

We require the employees to stay loyal to the career, to trust the enterprise, to enhance ability through hard work, to actively integrate into their teams, and to achieve success along with the enterprise. For the enterprises, it is only with career building, trust, friendship and emotional feedback can get return of compliance and trust from employees. In the long term, we will establish a strong "fate community" between individuals and enterprises, to jointly promote the sustainable development of enterprises and share the value created by the development of enterprises, to achieve excellence for both enterprise and individual life.

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