Address by the president

The history of Lianfa can be traced back to year 1955, and the breeze of the reforming and opening witnessed the 15-year entrepreneurship and development of the company. The founder Mr. Kong Xiangjun led his following core management team and a group of Lianfa people with same ambition, with mutual respect and complement; they composed hardship into creative work and established magnificent accomplishment out of ordinary work.

From the year 2005, the company entered fast track of development with annual growth around 35%, it achieved a growth target that doubles every three years, and successfully became a list company in year 2010. By now, Lianfa had grown into a vertical integrated company comprised of spinning, yarn dyed, printed, solid dyed, knitted and home textiles fabric manufacturing, garment manufacturing, brand operation, thermal power generation, trade, logistic and new energy development out of a small ordinary textile mill. The company has formed the fundamental layout of large industrial chain of textile and apparel, and initiated the global network formation of raw material, human resource and technological resource supply.

6000 years ago, ancient Chinese used hemp and ramie fibers for textile and opened up the world famous Silk Roads, Lianfa had followed this tradition by taking “Weaving Dreams, Inheriting Civilization” as our mission. China now is a big textile country but yet to be a textile power in the world. Lianfa people determined to take part in the realization of textile power out of China, as well as the development of human civilization, through continuous and diligent technological innovation and product up-gradation. On the stage of global economy and cultural exchange, Lianfa will continue the delivery of quality product and service for both domestic and overseas apparel customers, to touch customers with sincerity and create value with professionalism, to excel the expectation of the customers and take the historic responsibility of cultural distribution. The word alters as well as the market, the market moves on without Lianfa, but Lianfa cannot survive without the market. Lianfa will seek mutual development and progress with customers.

In the course of development and growth, Lianfa has had the honor to receive continuous care, expectation and support from apparel customers from domestic and overseas, as well as friends from all walks of life. It is with this kind of care, expectation and support that we accumulated the enterprise spirit of “Reasonable, Honest, Diligent and Innovative”

"Being good man, offering hard work" is reasonable; "treating people and work with sincerity” stands for honest; "hard-working with determination" represents diligent; "carrying out innovation, and keeping up with the time" means innovative.

Looking back on the past, and look to the future! Lianfa will continue to create brilliant performance, to provide shareholders with a stable and sustained return, to provide employees with self-worth fulfilling stage as always, and stay committed to social responsibility.

There’s a long way ahead, but Lianfa People will keep our faith of “be world class fabric supplier and create first class apparel brand in China” with collaborative and innovative efforts. We will follow the development idea of “success lies in overcoming the impossibility, and obey the quality idea of “products presents personality”, to compose new pages for Lianfa.

I am proud of Lianfa and Lianfa of me! Let us join hands to sincerely cooperate, and constantly go beyond, to build Lianfa a “100-year company”!

President: Xue Qinglong

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