New Year's Day Congratulations
    New Year's bell farewell the last day of 2010, ushered in a new 2011. In this New Year's celebration time, on behalf of Lianfa Alliance and board chairman Kong Xiangjun and all members of family to all of the United Nations Development working in cooperation join hands colleagues to express my sincere thanks and best wishes! To the long-standing concern and support for staff development MediaTek families extend my most sincere New Year greetings! MediaTek to promote the development to provide strong support for the community and friends who have the highest respect!
    In 2010, under the county, the county government and the concerned higher authorities, under the guidance of the company's board of directors, under the strong leadership of people of all MediaTek. Jinnainhui Official Co. LTD cause to move forward as the driving force; to Management and Technology Innovation as a means; to "hierarchical self-management" as a guide, focus on "straightening out relations, a clear responsibility to provide safeguards to ensure smooth, "the following guiding principles, efforts to create a situation in management, and promote the company's good and Fast development.     
    2010 is proud of the year for Lianfa. Over the past year, the company achieved a successful listing, the company has set another milestone in the history of growth, opened a new chapter in leaps and bounds; increasing competition in the market, the changing international economic environment, the main raw material prices and energy conservation and other constraints development of the company in front of the many negative factors, all Lianfa people unite and positive response, to overcome difficulties, and always maintain the sustainable development of the company; lianfa Industrial Park, the prototype of the textile yarn has been formed, representing the brand building framework Mushi has been completed, printing and dyeing company has entered a benign orbit, the company has achieved a remote garment factories, thermal power and cotton spinning capacity expansion projects the company has been basically completed. Inventory of 2010, we became the China Cotton Textile Industry Association vice president of the unit, post-doctoral research station was established at the provincial level and the Academy of workstations, set up a dyeing and finishing of Jiangsu Research Center of the United Nations Development International, won the Quality Award and Nantong in Jiangsu Province, Mayor Quality Award, was recognized as "innovative enterprises in Jiangsu Province", the two research projects were classified as "National Torch Plan" and "national Spark Program", "double money" brand combed cotton yarn won the "dyed yarn boutique Award "by the" inspection-free export of cotton yarn-dyed "renewed site audit, a number of economic and technical indicators are steadily year on year.
    2011 is a beginning year of "second Five Year Plan" .Reinforce the foundation for development and resolve development problems and stimulate the development of energy, promote scientific development, harmonious development, is placed in the primary task before us. We will be better year by year, scheduled this year, winning last year's ambitious name, closely "to promote brand strategy, the adjustment of product structure; rational allocation of functions, innovative management models; optimal capacity allocation, and strengthen the core functions; improve the training system and build echelon personnel; improve staff environment, harmonious labor relations "approach, leading in the right board, the deepening of management changes, optimizing management, improve operational quality and enhance competitiveness, a new starting point in the company to achieve new across.
At new starting point for the new bridge is the community and the development of the new era. it is not only adapt to the development trend and is also an early realization of the company finally the urgent demand. the community and the continued implementation of social responsibility, the continual promotion of economic indicators new hope, will be adopted in our new starting point for the new bridge to carry.
    In a new starting point for the implementation of the new bridge, at all levels of management in the new year come to the core task indicator of development. talk, you must speak to the development and reform ; must deepen the reform. this is a successful development of many years the accumulated experience of, a consensus. therefore, we must fully grasp at all levels of management to manage change, and implement the autonomy of the need for grading. Change in management to perfect, the continual promotion of management control capability ; to effectively satisfy the human development, scientific echelon in training, reasonable and effective, timely to reserve to build a quality and high professional, skills of back-up personnel ; up with procession to go the gap between modern enterprises, and actively thinking in emulation of countermeasures, for existing and complacent, is not self-appointed of the experience of traditional mode of the constraints ;To the effective promotion of innovation, core competitiveness.
    In a new starting point for the implementation of the new bridge is the company party, and the unions play a role of the arduous task. the party and mass organizations, trade unions with staff strength of mind, the disciplined staff and staff, employees and joyful feeling, to set out his stall, the staff of life, in a new starting point for the implementation of the new bridge and the glory, not replace the function. How to take the enthusiasm of the protection of employees, the harmonious atmosphere conducive to, the logistical support development and the advanced typical propaganda and the contradictions among the best solution is for our party, and the union of cadres in front of the important issues. the party and the trade union organizations and cadres should go deep in respect of staff, emotionally to the staff at work on guidance, is concerned about the staff. Through to hear comments and suggestions, the staff concerned to resolve the problem. to enhance internal cohesion and external centripetal force, and brainstorm. a new starting point in the implementation and to provide strong support to the new bridge.
    At new starting point for the new bridge, the staff of the cooperation and active participation and commitment. to do a good qualities of the staff to follow the policies and norms of behavior to management ; to do with a sense of responsibility, to reduce the production cycle, improve product quality and without discipline and the process model perform their functions ;To do a progressive spirit of the staff and set up lifelong learning, more efforts to improve their skills and continually upgrade their performance. the whole staff sincerely cooperate, the active participation and commitment and 2011 in the various indicators of the company can be reached, the company will certainly in a new starting point for the implementation of the new bridge.
    On new starting point to realize the new span, it is the company leadership will be grand blueprint reality the realistic requirement. With technical advantages preempted the commanding heights of product structure development advantage to market opportunities, conquers brand advantage higher value added products with high quality talent advantage, leading high level development, in order to promote cleaner production in sustainable development, is the new starting point to realize the new span and grants. In developing holding development law, innovation development concept, improve the quality and benefit, is developing in the new starting point to realize the new span the fundamental guarantee. We want at the board of directors of the company under the correct guidance, unceasingly strengthens the development base of the innovation, curing, mining and the source of efficiency, with the firm faith, high morale, advanced concepts, scientific measures and efficient action, in the realization of the development of the company on the journey of the new breakthrough, Hand in hand advances boldly, obtain the new achievement!
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