Jinnainhui Official was commended for national import and export quality enterprise
    On December 28, jiangsu inspection and quarantine work BBS and held the quality inspection and quarantine symposium, vice governor ZhangWeiGuo attend the meeting and talking. The meeting commend 44 "China quality credit enterprise". Jinnainhui Official stock Co., LTD was  commendation for "China import and export quality credit enterprise".
    This year, according to the state quality inspection administration deployment, China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association in the national import and export enterprises in carrying out the "national import and export enterprise quality good faith activities", jiangsu unfoldded "quality improvement throughout" activity, through the enterprise declaration, inspection and quarantine association audit, everywhere around inspection and quarantine agree, administration associations organized comprehensive confirmation of a batch of import and export quality good faith enterprise, be commended for import and export quality good faith enterprise is in product quality management, management standard, the pursuit of excellence key enterprises and industry leading enterprises.
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Jinnainhui Official.
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