Project of Jinnainhui Official Co., LTD undertaking Nantong agricultural science and technology i

    On December 25, acceptance meeting on Nantong agricultural science and technology industrialization project undertaken by Jiangsu Lianfa, namely project of dyeing and finishing of high grade fabric, was held in JinHai’an Hotel. The meeting was chaired by Hang Jianzhong, chief engineer of Nantong Science and Technology Broad; the assessment team leader was Zhang Yu, vice president of ITB of Nantong University. After visiting the R&D as well as production base and hearing work summarization as well as technical summarization on project process, members of assessment team all agreed that the industrialization project reached requirement of main technical and economical indicators written in commitments. The technical achievements successfully realized industrialization and completed contract assignment, showing very good industrial value and application prospect. With comprehensive evaluation of the assessment team, it was agreed that project of agricultural science and technology industrialization passed acceptance check.
    Industrialization project of dyeing and finishing of Lianfa high grade fabric mainly develops the functional finishing as well as fabric development and research, makes a study and development on the intermingling of a variety of fiber fabrics, does a research on visible catalytic flexible fabric, and carries out a development on pure cotton ultra-high yarn dyed elastic fabric, etc. Totally, the project has developed 5 new product of leading domestic level. What’s more, 6 is applied for patent invention including authorized 1; 10 is authorized practical new-type patent; 1 is won Nantong special prize of technological progress.
(General Manager Office Xiang ZhongLin)

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