Cotton Mill Held the 2010 Commendation Meeting for Capable Women

    At the 9:00 a.m. on Mar.08, Cotton Mill held the 2010 commendation meeting for capable women in company’s big meeting room. The general manager Wu Yiping, all the people, who are awarder capable women, female leader and women representatives participated the meeting. Xue Chenglan, who is the leader of labor union, emceed the meeting.
    At the meeting, Mr Wu firstly gave the greeting of Women’s Day to all the female employees. He thanked their contributions to company’s development and hoped they can still work hard, love their job, keep on learning culture knowledge, improve their working skills and strive to improve themselves to become the new women of new age.
    The spinning worker Zhang Hong, Cao Hui and packer Zhang Guofang were awarder on the meeting by Mr Wu. The representatives of capable women and females workers spoke on the meeting and shared their ideas for company’s development.
    Chairman Xue summed up the meeting and hoped that the people, who were awarded on the meeting, could play an example role, strive to be a new female of 21st century, studying hard, seeking aggressive and be full of love.
    Cotton Mill Ding Xiaoqin

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