Jiangsu James Textile Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu James Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu James Textile Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Jinnainhui Official. The company is running the own stock fabric brand as James Fabric, to supply no MOQ and fast delivery stock fabrics for fast fashion customers. The company is the first shirt fabric supplier in China that transformed into brand operation from OEM mode, and is the No.1 player in sales volume and market share in the industry. Multiple overseas marketing channels have been cultivated by the company, the establishment of the warehouse in Spain enables us to make fast-track delivery to fast fashion customers in Europe like ZARA, etc. Currently the company is making transformation and upgrading for new emerging businesses with the help of Internet and trend design. In future, the stock fabric business will also be expanded into the designing and sales of knitted and other fabrics.

Brand Origin and Positioning
The brand James is from Scotch culture, it inherited the property of fortitude, perseverance, wisdom, elegance, seriousness and calm from James VI of Stuart dynasty. The heritage is not only about the uncompromising attention to the trendy design, the pursuing of top quality materials, the British customization garment making skills, but is more about the devotion to garment making. It is the devotion that brings the characterized halo to the wearers.

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