Jiangsu Lianfa Environmental Protection New Energy Co.,Ltd

The company now has three 75t/h circulating fluidized bedboiler, one 3MW back pressure generator, one 12MW condensing turbine generator and 2200m3/min steam/power driving air compressor. The annual capacity is 5.28 million GJ of steam, 300 million kWh of power and 1.1 billion cubic meters of compressed air, sufficient for the consumption requirement of Haian Lianfa Industrial park, Fine chemical industrial park and local community.

The company also put great efforts in water treatment facility investment and water treatment technology innovation. The current daily capacity for water treatment is 20,000 tons of ordinary sewage and 10,000 tons of industrial sewage, and 6,000 tons of reclaimed water reuse. Taking advantage from combined heat and power generation, the company is also doing harmless treatment for the sludge in Haian County.

In order to pursue green energy and promote low carbon economy, the company has invested in 1st phase about 5.2 MWP distributed photovoltaic power generation in 2016, and there’s further expansion plan for more photovoltaic power and biomass power generation.

In future, the company will devote itself in: renewable energy project, designing and construction of environmentally protective facility, R&D, production and sales of complete power equipment, environmental equipment and energy saving equipment, etc. The company will adhere to the idea of developing environmental energy and create green value, and take energy saving, environment protection and public interest as our responsibility. We will provide first rate technology, product and service with prospect, innovation and ambition, to carry on the diversified development in energy development, utilization and saving, and set out on a new path of sustainable environment protection.

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