Nantong Lianfa Pringting & Dyeing Co.,Ltd.

Nantong Lianfa Printing & Dyeing Co.,Ltd was established in 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Jinnainhui Official(stock code 002394) with a total investment of RMB 110 million. It is the governing units of the 4th and 5th council of dyeing and printing industry association. The company employs 496 staffs, covers 35,060 square meters which structures total a floor area of 27,480 square meters.

The company is equipped with Osthoff singeing machine, Red Flag desizing machine, cold batch machine, scouring-bleaching machine, mercerizing machine, washing machine, pad dyeing machine; Monfongs setting machine, Zhenngzhou pre-shrinking machine, Kuster evenness calenders, Taiwan Yuchen automatic feeding system, etc. The capacity of dyed and bleached fabric is 60 million meters per year.

Our main product includes all kinds of dyed and bleached fabrics of 100% Cotton, CVC, T/C, spandex, etc. the texture varies from plain weave, twill, stain, dobby and jacquard, etc. The scope of yarn count is from 16s to 80s single yarn and 60s/2, 80s/2, 100s/2, 120s/ and 140s/2. The fabric weight range is from 90 to 280 GSM. Finishing methods include Soft finishing, Silky, Peaching, Easy care, Moist cure, Triple Proof, anti-UV, Anti-bacterial, Liquid Ammonia, Calender and others. Diversified product functions and high quality bring the company with the customer satisfaction and continuously growing orders. The products of the company are mainly exported to countries and areas including US, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc.

The company had always followed the quality principle of “credibility and customer first, people-oriented and excellence” and have passed the ISO9001 quality management certification. With five major methods of fixing internal audit form, training internal audit personnel, regular document optimization, regular employee training and normalization of corrective and preventive measures, the company achieves continuous improvement.

The company highly focuses on whole production process inspection and control. With the installed full set of textile testing equipment certificated by ITS, the company can provide customer with textile testing services in ISO/AATCC/ASTM/JIS/GB and customized client standards.

In accordance with the operation idea of “the market moves on without Lianfa, but Lianfa cannot survive without the market”, the company determined the enterprise tenet of “People – oriented and harmonious development”, and established the core value of “pursuing excellence and social returns”. With the endeavor, dedication, loyalty and gumption of all employees, Nantong Lianfa Printing & Dyeing Co.,Ltd is fulfilling the mission of creating outstanding fabric brand and being the nation’s most influential dyeing and printing enterprise.

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